Five Hundred Words 12/04/2018

Tuesday, December 4, 2018 Daily Writing 9:10 AM Initial impressions of the day Yesterday we touched on commodities moving higher.[1]  Intuitively you’d think that the spike in demand for copper and other base metals would be due to the tentative truce between the US and China.  However, we can't confirm this, and the dramatic downturn… Continue reading Five Hundred Words 12/04/2018


Five Hundred Words 12/03/2018

Monday, December 3, 2018 Daily Writing 7:04 AM Today is the first trading day of December.  We are looking forward to implementing our new risk management strategy which emphasizes performance against the SPX benchmark. Over the weekend the United States and China agreed to a trade war ceasefire. Certain commodities are trading much higher, notably… Continue reading Five Hundred Words 12/03/2018