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Magic in the West Village

“Every once in a while we find something that catches our eye in places we exist.  We don’t notice these details in our every day lives for some reason, and it really is a pity.  This installation hanging above me caught my eye — I couldn’t really see anything special at the time, but once I took the photo and saw the result I have to say I was pleasantly surprised — the west village reveals a surprise from time to time.”



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designer piece top Parsons grad - kevin_t | ello

The designer of this piece is top Parsons graduate and rising star in the New York design scene Yiyun Guo

The piece featured above comes from her “Wind” collection

Please support the artist by checking out her work by following this link

A medley of materials: linen, wool, cotton

The design featured on the lining of the coat and shirt is completely original — if you look closely the ‘marble’ pattern is in fact a collage of line drawings consisting of portrait and profiles

Nothing too complicated

Kevin Tellier on Ello