About Kevin

Kevin Tellier is an experienced business development professional and international relations scholar with focused expertise in US-China relations, Chinese foreign policy, Mandarin Chinese, and Chinese business practices.

From 2012 to 2014 Kevin worked with the world’s leading international relations scholars as a masters candidate at the renowned Tsinghua University in Beijing. In 2014 Kevin graduated with a Master of Laws degree in International Relations from Tsinghua’s School of Humanities and Social Sciences.

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Kevin’s master’s thesis, a global framework to foster improved relations between government and the private sector in Cyberspace, received praise from a stringent advisory board that included leading figures of the International Relations academic community Yan Xuetong, Sun Zhe, and others.

In Kevin’s life outside of academia, he has embarked on numerous successful endeavors as an entrepreneur, technology and start-up consultant, and junior executive at leading internet technology firm Qihoo 360. Most recently Kevin has worked in corporate account management for Manhattan-based intellectual property management firm Park IP.

Kevin’s immediate and long-term goals are the same; Kevin intends to continue his service as a bridge between China, the US, and other global stakeholders by facilitating and deepening cross-cultural entrepreneurship, dialogue, and understanding.

He lives on Manhattan’s upper west side with his girlfriend Erica.

Check him out on LinkedIn or reach out to him if you want to grab a coffee or play a game of chess!