Checking In

I’m writing because I have neglected this blog for longer than I’d like.  I’m undergoing a series of positive life changes and I feel compelled to share several of my insights over the past several months.

I’ve started using a new app called RescueTime, and I find it to be incredibly useful.  I’ve started tracking how I manage my time during the day, and I’ve found that using an app like RescueTime helps me to gain a sense of motivation and satisfaction by being more productive.

I haven’t consistently added to my blog content since the end of December before my major trip to China.  The honest reason is that the trip to China had an immense impact on how I view my current life trajectory, and I’ve taken the past few weeks to try to readjust and figure out what to write about.

I am not trying to be clever.  My primary goal by writing this blog is to allow folks to gain better insight into who I am and what I am thinking about.  This blog is probably best suited for folks who are primarily interested in reading who I am.  I will try to share my story bit by bit.  Thank you for your patience.