Use Criticism as a Tool for Growth

Criticism and feedback are the opposite of fun, but they are critical for learning

Criticism is painful. However, processing candid feedback from believable others is vital for personal development.

Here are three ways to use critical judgment for your benefit.

Make your ideas public

Making your ideas public and available for scrutiny is vital. Firstly because it can help you understand your weakness, secondly because it can help you understand the shortcomings and strengths of the thinking of others, including those of your critics.

Understand your critic’s point of view

The most important thing isn’t analyzing the direct criticism of your ideas, it’s much more important to understand why the critic feels the way he thinks about your opinion. The critic’s reaction to your opinion is merely mirroring how he or she perceives the world. Understanding the “why” behind the “what” is far more critical.


image source: Alex Milkis

React unemotionally

Criticism is not inherently unpleasant. Instead, it is your reaction to it which causes the pain. If you can regulate your emotional response to unfair judgments from others, you free up space for your brain to more objectively understand their point of view.  Also, keep in mind that we do not emotionally react to praise the same way we react to criticism.

Wrapping it up

By processing criticism unemotionally, you give yourself an opportunity to accelerate your personal growth and level up your perceptions of the world.


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