The Key To It All

We all have doubts and fears.  This is the human condition.  The good news is we have control over our doubts and our fears2017-04-24 22.15.16.  The main factor in obtaining and stabilizing this control is focus.  Focus?  Yes, it sounds obvious but the key towards mitigating doubts and fears is redirecting the energy you dedicate towards negative emotions and channeling them to the positive ones.  Whenever you’re facing a fear or self doubt remember to keep the following things in mind.

You are in full control of your thoughts

This statement comes with a caveat, so please allow me to explain without accusing me of attempting to intentionally mislead you.  The truth is that you are most likely not in full control of your thoughts.  Studies show that the conscious mind is in a constant state of jumping from one thought to another.

Why then are we not aware of our perpetual state of turmoil.  The conscious mind has simply adapted to a point where we can drown out some of the noise, and even control it to an extent.  Yes, to an extent.  Why not fully?  The answer lies in mindfulness and meditation, but that’s for another post.  I’ll finish this post here after I carefully consider an answer to this question.  I appreciate your patience.

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