Sometimes All We Need is Introspection

For many of us, a majority of our energy is directed toward pleasing others.  The examples 

are numerous.  So much of our lives are dedicated toward social interaction.  For extroverts the thought of going out into “the world” and meeting people excites them — for some extroverts meeting people could be literally their favorite thing to do I’d imagine.  For introverts this is not the case I’m afraid, and for the the introverts who happen to live in New York city I sympathize with you completely.  I am one of you my friends!

Let’s be clear, introverts can obtain satisfaction from social interaction as well, it’s just that they don’t get charged up by it the way extroverts do.  For introverts, social interaction simply zaps their energy, or as I like to put it: depletes their “EQ meter”.

The point of this post is to highlight my personal need for introspection and privacy from time to time.   More on this post to come!  I Will hint that this picture was taken in Easton, Maryland!



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