Kevin J. Tellier


My name is Kevin and I am a human being who lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Extroverted introvertresearcher, macro investor, consultant, linguist, athlete, writer, reader, student, explorer.  Fluent mandarin speaker.  Cultivating a growth mindset.

One of my main purposes for writing in this blog is to clarify my own thinking and understanding of economics, geo-politics, and the nuances inherent to China and US-China relations.

I am actively working toward modeling the historical, economic, political, and behavioral context of various aspects of our world.  I leverage the knowledge of others to formulate my understanding.  I believe the world is composed of complex systems, and those systems are created by, and composed of the instincts, thoughts, dreams, and desires human beings.  Human beings themselves are complex systems but they are also imperfect organisms struggling for survival.

My life has revolved around China since 2008.  Even though I feel like a permanent outsider, one of my chief aims is to reduce misunderstandings between United States and China.

I lived in Shenzhen and Beijing for four years. I graduated from Tsinghua University with a graduate degree in international relations and Chinese foreign policy.